dualscar is a boss ass bitch
Where do you get all that purple in your eridan wig???

OH it’s pieces of an old wig someone gave me but it was rly shitty and knotted and idk WHAT made them think i could actually use it so I took out parts and used that for wefts.

so its almost 6 am what am i doing with my life



Eridans fins dont have piercings. Just thought I'd let you know. Because troll fins are extremely sensitive, just like horns. Thats why we see her imperious condescension with fin piercings, but no one else.

bro you realize that horn sensitivity isnt canon right

its all headcanon

HIC has piercings because she’s a royal badass and it’s probably a status symbol, like Dualscar wore some stuff like bracelets and Eridan wore all those rings and fancy gems

besides did i say it was a canon cosplay? i didn’t. also what you said doesn’t make sense if their fins are so sensitive then why did she have them in the first place? 

don’t shit on other peoples creative fun anon or i will shit on you

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( I’m excited to see what you guys have to ask! ovo )

Wip pics ahaa
this wig will be the death of me.
More pics when it’s done and I’m all grey uvu

//laughs I’m s o close to being done

These two grew up so fast
They were cute and peeped when they slept
Now they’re cute assholes who scream and sometimes chase you around the yard

Can’t wait for them to be adults ouo

//crying hysterically

Why is this so hard to get it to look right

So much to do so little time

So much to do so little time